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Friday, April 18, 2008

18th April 2008

Today is our 4th year anniversary.
We’ve been through a lot, our ups and downs have maturing us with better, bolder decisions making in our life.
Thank you God, for this wonderful relationship.

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Thursday, April 17, 2008

Positive Attitude & Living at Large

Wow. Blogging is THE way to release the tension, bad aura surrounding me. Thanks to my girls which promoting this medium for us to share good stories, bad ones too and not forgetting, it’s a way to share the GOSSIPS.

And here, I want to share with you what had happened yesterday.

Yesterday I was on leave (emergency leave that is) since I need to go to JPJ (which is located quite far from town) to settle few things regarding my previous Kelisa.
Woke up late and rushed to the shower, I had forgotten that I was supposed to see this lady (I think she’s working with Public Mutual). I did not have her phone number, maybe I left her name card on my office desk. So, I SMS my colleague (whom I share my office room with) this “if you happened to see this lady, please tell her I need to go JPJ urgently, and I’m not interested to change my insurance policy”.

So I went to JPJ with Azam. Since at the JPJ’s counter, you need to switch off / silent your HP to avoid the interference with their system. And I only realized there were 2 missed calls (from unknown number) after I left the counter. Then suddenly, I received an SMS which noted this “why didn’t you tell me earlier that you can’t make it??!! Hey….I did not ask you to change your policy, DO NOT MISQUOTE!!” ----- This is the exactly phrase and exclamation marks used in the SMS, no alteration.

When I read the SMS, I was so annoyed, frustrated with such lousy statement.
Then I replied her sms with this “Still, I am not interested. I did not keep your HP number, that’s why I didn’t call you. By the way, if you were to promote/sell your product, please get permission from HR Simpang 3. TQ!”

I thought, so that was it. And I walked slowly to my car, and while chatting with Azam came another SMS.
“Am not interested to promote my products to those who do not understand what I’m doing. Am successful now, selling to TM staffs. Am not interested to those who is income too small for me”
I was so MAD, my hands trembled. My goodness, WTF with this lady???!!!!!

BUT, excellently I managed my anger. Instead of replying back, I just let it be. I did not want to spend my credit on people with a bad attitude like her. J Good for me, isn’t it?

The weird part is …… she’s the one in the first place who’s so determined to meet me and promoting her insurance policy at my office (that is entering TM premises without authorization and she’s not wearing any Visitor Pass at that time)... And now she’s saying I have small income??!!!! Hehe yeah maybe my income is SMALL….comparing to her commission which is NOT CONSISTENT month by month. Yeah..I knew the strategy already, where firstly she will want to see your current insurance policy and compare it with what her company can offer you. And then she will say “why are you spending in such amount just to get certain amount?” which means hers is much better than your current insurance policy. From there, she will persuade you to have her insurance policy..duhhhhh been there too often, lad!! BORINGGGGG …. ZzzZzzZzz

So I went back home after having my ayam penyet (nyummmyyy….. )---->> iklan sekejap

I switched on my laptop, connected to the internet, login to my office intranet and clicked to my Outlook.

I sent an email to the Security Manager, cc to my AGM and also the managers.

In that email, I questioned the Security Manager. Why did the security guard allowed bank’s or insurance promoter to enter our premise, promoting and selling their products door to door? And hell it was a distraction to the TM personnel. Even to say No to them, takes time and what a waste of time, my precious time…

So amazingly, the Security Manager responded to my email shortly after that. He forwarded the email to all his staffs and he’s taking this issue very seriously. WOW!!

Well, isn’t it a good way to handle that lady’s problem. Hopefully I would not be seeing her around in the office, because if I do, I’ll be in touch with the Security Manager.

Guess I do have a good positive attitude, with a good anger management, and YES, with my SMALL income, I am living at large.

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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

My First Post

Nowadays, everyone is blogging. And so did my gorgeous girls. Not that they do not have nothing else to do (as what they proclaimed), but actually just to share their gossips and truelife-breathtaking-event-of-the-day..... and also to exchange comments and ideas of corz ..( is it??)

Surprisingly, without much to think of (I assumed Fizaros will laugh hysterically reading this!!! ) I agreed with them. Yes, I AM BLOGGING TOO. (as to exchange gossips since I AM so far away from the girls LOL)

And this is my first post.

By the way, people do change, Fizaros. Hahaha.

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